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Final project meeting - July 18-20, 2019 - Preliminary Schedule

Click here for the book of abstracts.

  • Thursday, July 18th, room K 6, FAN-B Building.  (Campus Map. Building Map)

    09:15-09:30: WELCOME
    09:30-10:30: Johan van Benthem, Reexamining the Basics of Functional Dependence

    10:30-11:00: coffee break

    11:00-11:45: Zoé Christoff and Olivier Roy, Forgetful Groups
    11:45–12:30 Ondrej Majer, Non-classical probabilities over Dunn Belnap logic

    12:30-13:30: LUNCH

    13:30-14:15 Marta Bílková, Fixpoint epistemic modalities in non-classical context
    14:15-15:00: Frederik Van De Putte, Evidence-based Group Belief

    15:00-15:30: coffee break

    15:30-16:30 Rineke Verbrugge, What could they have been thinking? Reasoning about reasoning strategies

    17:30 Conference Dinner at Schinner Braustube

  • Friday 19 July,  room S111, INF/AI Building. (Campus Map. Building Map)

    09:30-10:30: Hannes LeitgebFrom Communicative Belief Revision to a Theory of Semantic and Pragmatic Meaning

    10:30-11:00 coffee break

    11:00-11:45: Igor Sedlar, Almost arbitrary information updates
    11:45–12:30: Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson, Rules and Actions

    12:30-13:30: LUNCH

    13:30-14:15: Gabriella Pigozzi, Mixing dyadic and deliberative opinion dynamics in an agent-based model of group decision-making
    14:15-15:00: Dominik Klein, The Logic of Maximizing Expected Utility

    15:00-15:30: coffee break

    15:30-16:30: Sonja Smets, Computing Social Behavior

  • Saturday 20 July, room K 6, FAN-B Building.  (Campus Map. Building Map)

    09:00-09:45 Alessandra MarraThe Dynamics of Oughts and Goals (with Dominik Klein)

    09:45-10:30 Soroush Rafiee Rad, Learning Probabilities

    10:30-11:00 coffee break

    11:00-12:00: Joke MeheusThe cooperative understanding of information arising from different perspectives

    12:00-12:15 SEGA CLOSING (Marta Bilkova and Olivier Roy)

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